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  1. The present study is designed to assess the effect of adding various doses of Spirulina platensis (SP) on broiler chicken growth performance, gut health, antioxidant biomarkers, cecal microbiota, histopathology, ...

    Authors: Samar H. Abdelfatah, Aya M. Yassin, Marwa S. Khattab, Ahmed S. Abdel-Razek and Adel H. Saad
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2024 20:11
  2. Marek’s disease virus (MDV) strain GX0101 was the first reported field strain of recombinant gallid herpesvirus type 2 (GaHV-2). However, the splenic proteome of MDV-infected chickens remains unclear. In this ...

    Authors: Chuan Wang, Yuanzi Liu, Yuze Yang, Man Teng, Xuerui Wan, Zixiang Wu and Zhao Zhang
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2024 20:10
  3. The only natural hosts of Pseudorabies virus (PRV) are members of the family Suidae (Sus scrofa scrofa). In mammals, the infection is usually fatal and typically causes serious neurologic disease. This study desc...

    Authors: Ana Moreno, Carmela Musto, Marco Gobbi, Giulia Maioli, Marika Menchetti, Tiziana Trogu, Marta Paniccià, Antonio Lavazza and Mauro Delogu
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2024 20:9
  4. This study was conducted to find the best concentration of cholesterol-loaded cyclodextrin (CLC) which has a positive impact on canine post thaw semen quality. Three different concentrations of CLC (0.83 mg/ml...

    Authors: Zuzanna Ligocka, Agnieszka Partyka, Dorota Bonarska-Kujawa, Anna Mucha and Wojciech Niżański
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2024 20:7
  5. Data on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in cow-calf herds is limited and there have been no Canadian studies examining AMR in Enterococcus in cow-calf herds. Enterococcus is a ubiquitous Gram-positive indicator of...

    Authors: Jayce D. Fossen, John R. Campbell, Sheryl P. Gow, Nathan Erickson and Cheryl L. Waldner
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2024 20:6
  6. Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) is a viral disease with worldwide distribution and an enormous economic impact. To control PRRS virus (PRRSV) infection, modified live vaccines (MLVs) are w...

    Authors: Patricia Renson, Sophie Mahé, Mathieu Andraud, Mireille Le Dimna, Frédéric Paboeuf, Nicolas Rose and Olivier Bourry
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2024 20:5
  7. This study aimed to investigate the microbial characteristics of yak uteri collected using intrauterine cotton swabs (CS) during different reproductive stages and the correlation of these microbial characteris...

    Authors: Rui Wang, Meng Wang, Qiaoying Zeng, Libin Wang, Qian Zhang, Sisi Pu, Xin Ma, Jinglei Wang and Yangyang Pan
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2024 20:4
  8. Canine mammary gland cancer (CMGC) is a common neoplasm in intact bitches. However, the benefit of adjuvant chemotherapy is unclear. The aim of this study was to investigate the anti-proliferative effects of p...

    Authors: Hyung-Kyu Chae, Ye-In Oh, Ga-Hyun Lim, Yun-Chan Jung, Seol-Hee Park, Ju-Hyun An, Su-Min Park, Kyoung-Won Seo, Sung-Nam Chu, Qiang Li and Hwa-Young Youn
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2024 20:3
  9. Pregnancy toxemia is a common disease, which occurs in older does that are pregnant with multiple lambs in the third trimester. Most of the sick goats die within a few days, which can seriously impact the econ...

    Authors: Bingyan Jin, Ruoqian Wang, Jiada Hu, Yan Wang, Panpan Cheng, Jiancong Zhang, Jiahui Zhang, Gang Xue, Yan Zhu, Yunhai Zhang, Fugui Fang, Ya Liu and Yunsheng Li
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2024 20:2
  10. Camel filariasis induced variable clinical syndromes characterized by fever, lethargy, localized dermal lesions, loss of condition, and testicular and scrotal swelling. The objective of the present work focuse...

    Authors: Arafat Khalphallah, Taher Al-Daek, Mahmoud Abdelhamid, Enas Elmeligy, Sayed Fathi El-Hawari, Khaled A. Khesruf, Heba A. Nasr and Ragab H. Mohamed
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2024 20:1
  11. Feline chronic enteropathy is a set of disorders defined as the presence of clinical signs of gastrointestinal disease for at least three weeks. The most common final diagnoses are inflammatory bowel disease a...

    Authors: Julia Miller, Paulina Żebrowska-Różańska, Aleksandra Czajkowska, Bogumiła Szponar, Aleksandra Kumala-Ćwikła, Magdalena Chmielarz and Łukasz Łaczmański
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:281
  12. Specific antibodies produced sow by oral porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) vaccines would transfer to newborn piglets via colostrum, and it is an effective strategy to prevent porcine epidemic diarrhea (P...

    Authors: Peng Liu, Qi Zhang, Chengjie Yang, Xiuyu Wang, Yuchen Li, Jianda Li and Qian Yang
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:280
  13. The purpose of this study was to determine the level of horizontal transmission of the blaCTX-M-65 gene and the role of its associated mobile genetic elements (MGEs) in the bovine-derived Escherichia coli. After ...

    Authors: Weiwei Wang, Xiaojuan Wei, Zhen Zhu, Lingyu Wu, Qiqi Zhu, Safia Arbab, Chengye Wang, Yubin Bai, Qing Wang and Jiyu Zhang
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:279
  14. Sarcocystis species are obligatorily heteroxenous protozoan parasites with predator–prey life cycles. Global Knowledge about the epidemiology and the distribution pattern of different Sarcocystis species in dog f...

    Authors: Ismail S. Elshahawy, Marwa Fawaz, Aya Gomaa and Eman Mohammed
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:278
  15. Parasitic and bacterial co-infections have been associated with increasing fish mortalities and severe economic losses in aquaculture through the past three decades. The aim of this study was to evaluate the o...

    Authors: Mahmoud Abou-Okada, Maha M. Rashad, Ghada E. Ali, Shimaa Abdel-Radi and Azza Hassan
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:277
  16. Toll-like receptor 8 (TLR8) can recognize specific pathogen-associated molecular patterns and exert multiple immunological functions through activation of signaling cascades. However, the precise distribution ...

    Authors: Ying-Dong Fang, Jing-Yu Liu, Fei Xie, Li-Ping Liu, Wei-Wei Zeng and Wen-Hui Wang
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:276
  17. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of glutamine on the growth performance and systemic innate immune response in broiler chickens challenged with Salmonella pullorum. A total of 600 one-day-o...

    Authors: Qiu jue Wu, Long long Zhu, Rong kai Zhang, Zhong ying Xing, Cong Wang, Jia hui Liao, Nai zhi Hu, Bin yao Cheng, Yan Ma and Yu qin Wang
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:275
  18. Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae (M. ovipneumoniae) is one of the main pathogens of sheep pneumonia, causing a series of clinical symptoms, such as depression, anorexia, hyperthermia, cough, dyspnea, and tract secretions...

    Authors: Jidong Li, Can Chen, Le Gao, Lingling Wang, Wei Wang, Jinhua Zhang, Zhenxing Gong, Jiandong Wang and Yanan Guo
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:273
  19. Peripheral blood carries a reservoir of mRNAs that regulate cardiac structure and function potential. Although it is well recognized that the typical symptoms of Myxomatous Mitral Valve Disease (MMVD) stage B2...

    Authors: Qingqing Zhou, Xiang Cui, Han Zhou, Shuai Guo, Zhimin Wu, Liyang Li, Jinxin Zhang, Wen Feng, Yingfang Guo, Xiaofei Ma, Yu Chen, Changwei Qiu, Ming Xu and Ganzhen Deng
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:271
  20. Coronavirus papain-like proteases (PLpros) play a crucial role in virus replication and the evasion of the host immune response. Infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) encodes a proteolytically defective remnant of...

    Authors: Weirong Liu, Ge Mu, Yiquan Jia, Mengting Yu, Songbai Zhang, Zhen Wang and Shouguo Fang
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:270
  21. Meningoencephalomyelitis of unknown etiology (MUE) is a comprehensive term for non-infectious inflammatory brain diseases of the central nervous system (CNS) caused by abnormal autoimmune responses. This study...

    Authors: So-Hee Kim, Ye-In Oh, Su-Min Park, Ju Hyun An, Tae-Hee Kim, Sung-Soo Kim, Jae-Gon Ah, Kyoung-Won Seo and Hwa-Young Youn
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:269
  22. Accurate measurement of disease associated with endemic bacterial agents in pig populations is challenging due to their commensal ecology, the lack of disease-specific antemortem diagnostic tests, and the poly...

    Authors: Ana Paula Serafini Poeta Silva, Marcelo Almeida, Alyona Michael, Michael C. Rahe, Christopher Siepker, Drew R. Magstadt, Pablo Piñeyro, Bailey L. Arruda, Nubia R. Macedo, Orhan Sahin, Philip C. Gauger, Karen M. Krueger, Robert Mugabi, Jessica S. Streauslin, Giovani Trevisan, Daniel C. L. Linhares…
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:268
  23. The main pathogen in the Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) culture, Streptococcus agalactiae, causes economic harm. Infected fish’s immune systems worked to eliminate of the infection. This study demonstrated ...

    Authors: Thanakorn Khunrang, Chettupon Pooljun and Suwit Wuthisuthimethavee
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:267
  24. The European roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) is a species particularly reactive to all kinds of negative stimuli. Hunting activity is one of the most potent stressors that disturbs the welfare of wild animals. Dur...

    Authors: Katarzyna Dziki-Michalska, Katarzyna Tajchman and Sylwester Kowalik
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:266
  25. The present study aimed to evaluate the potential of chitosan coating silver nanoparticles to enhance the growth performance and immune status of broilers without inducing oxidative stress-related pathological...

    Authors: Eman I. Hassanen, Ahmed M. Hussien, Sally Mehanna and Eman A. Morsy
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:265
  26. The inclusion of dexmedetomidine (DEX) within a balanced general anaesthesia protocol is effective in improving the clinical outcome and recovery quality of anaesthesia in horses. This study aimed to determine...

    Authors: Federica Di Cesare, Vanessa Rabbogliatti, Susanna Draghi, Martina Amari, Federica Alessandra Brioschi, Roberto Villa, Giuliano Ravasio and Petra Cagnardi
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:264
  27. Three-dimensional (3D) cell cultures are the new frontier for reproducing the tumor micro-environment in vitro. The aims of the study were (1) to establish primary 3D cell cultures from canine spontaneous neop...

    Authors: Luisa Vera Muscatello, Stella Frabetti, Giancarlo Avallone, Francesca Gobbo, Arianna Pasquini, Giulia D’Annunzio, Luciano Pisoni, Laura Marconato, Rossella Terragni, Dario De Biase, Olivia Candini and Giuseppe Sarli
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:263
  28. Avian pathogenic Escherichia coli (APEC) causes tracheal damage and heterophilic granulocytic infiltration and inflammation in infected chicks. In this study, we infected chick tracheal tissue with strain AE17 an...

    Authors: Ziqi Li, Zhao Qi, Xiaoru Wang, Liting Lu, Haiyang Wang, Zhenjie He, Zhe Chen, Ying Shao, Jian Tu and Xiangjun Song
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:262
  29. Safe pet feeding practices and food bowl hygiene measures are important for minimising the risk of microbiological contaminations in the domestic environment. This study compares the practices reported by dog ...

    Authors: Federica Raspa, Achille Schiavone, Daniele Pattono, Davide Galaverna, Damiano Cavallini, Marica Vinassa, Domenico Bergero, Alessandra Dalmasso, Maria Teresa Bottero and Emanuela Valle
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:261
  30. The portio-vaginalis uteri (PVU) and its mucus secretion have shown an essential role in conception. A significant endeavour to improve buffaloes' reproductive efficiency is the investigation of their basic re...

    Authors: Yara S. Abouelela, Nora A. Shaker, Khaled H. El-Shahat, Dina W. Bashir, Hossam R. El-Sherbiny and Elshymaa A. Abdelnaby
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:260
  31. Avian bornavirus (ABV) is a neurotropic virus, it has been established as the primary causative agent of proventricular dilatation disease (PDD). However, substantial international trade and transnational traf...

    Authors: Li-Na Zhang, Yu-Han Huang, Hao Liu, Li-Xia Li, Xue Bai and Guang-Da Yang
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:259
  32. Acremonium terricola is used in the feed of dairy animals to promote growth and control diseases. However, the effects of dietary supplementation with A. terricola on the gut microbial structure of weaning piglet...

    Authors: Wei Wang, Yizhu Peng, Yong Nie, Yulong Wang, Chuang Wang and Bo Huang
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:258
  33. Ewe mortality during pregnancy and lambing is an issue for sheep producers globally, resulting in reduced productivity and profitability, compromised ewe welfare, and poor consumer perception. Despite these ne...

    Authors: K. J. Flay, A. S. Chen, D. A. Yang, P. R. Kenyon and A. L. Ridler
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:257
  34. Ectromelia virus (ECTV) is the causative agent of mousepox in mice. In the past century, ECTV was a serious threat to laboratory mouse colonies worldwide. Recombinase polymerase amplification (RPA), which is w...

    Authors: Yuexiao Lian, Mengdi Zhang, Yujun Zhu, Miaoli Wu, Bihong Huang, Li Xiao, Kehang Shi, Peide Li, Feng Cong and Huanan Wang
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:256
  35. Multidrug resistance in Enterobacteriaceae including resistance to quinolones is rising worldwide. The development of resistance may lead to the emergence of new transmission mechanisms. In this study, the collec...

    Authors: Dao mi Zhu, Qiang Ding, Peng hui Li, Yong liang Wang, Ya zhuo Li, Xuan yu Li, Gong mei Li, Hong xia Ma and Ling cong Kong
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:255
  36. This study (60 days) was conducted to investigate the ability of diet enriched with Coriandrum sativum powder or its extract to protect Oreochromis niloticus health and survivability at suboptimal temperature (21...

    Authors: Ahmed Abdou Said, Rasha M. Reda, Mohamed M. M. Metwally and Heba M. Abd El-Hady
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:254
  37. Wenzhou virus (WENV), a member of the Mammarenavirus genus in the Arenaviridae family, has been detected in wild rodents from eight provinces in China, including Zhejiang, Shandong, Hainan, Xinjiang, Hunan, Guang...

    Authors: Qinghua Xie, Changqiang Zhu, Lele Ai, Danyue Nie, Yifan Wu, Chongcai Wang, Ji He, Weilong Tan and Lingling Zhang
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:253
  38. All Scottish Fold cats are believed to be affected by osteochondrodysplasia, a painful degenerative joint disorder. This retrospective study aimed to estimate the prevalence of osteochondrodysplasia in Scottis...

    Authors: Brandon D. Velie, Tracey Milden, Hannah Miller and Bianca Haase
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:252
  39. The genus Corynebacterium comprises well-known animal and human pathogens as well as commensals of skin and mucous membranes. Species formerly regarded as contaminants are increasingly being recognized as opportu...

    Authors: Milena Tresch, Christine Watté, Michele Stengard, Corinne Ritter, Isabelle Brodard, Simon Feyer, Estelle Gohl, Ezgi Akdesir, Vincent Perreten and Sonja Kittl
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:251
  40. Helicobacter pylori is a worldwide pathogen that affects both animals and humans with a wide environmental distribution, causing serious health problems in humans. This research has timely addressed the topic of ...

    Authors: Asmaa Gaber Mubarak, Hanan H. Abd-Elhafeez and Hams M. A. Mohamed
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:250
  41. This research aims to determine the incidence of calf morbidity, mortality and its potential predisposing factors in the first six months of life. Morbidity and mortality of dairy calves are persistent problem...

    Authors: Umer Mifta Ahmedin and Alula Alemayehu Assen
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:249
  42. Coccidiosis is the most prevalent disease-causing widespread economic loss among farm and domestic animals. Currently, several drugs are available for the control of this disease but resistance has been confir...

    Authors: Fatemah Alajmi, Tahani Al-Otaibi, Saleh Al-Quraishy, Esam M. Al-Shaebi, Nawal Al-Hoshani, Mohamed A. Dkhil and Rewaida Abdel-Gaber
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:248
  43. Dietary selenium (Se) sources affects the structure of the rumen microbial community and rumen fermentation. This study evaluated the effects of sodium selenite (SS) and bio-nanostructured selenium (SeNSM) on ...

    Authors: Alaa Emara Rabee, Mayada M. H. Khalil, Galal Abou Khadiga, Ahmed Elmahdy, Ebrahim A. Sabra, Mohsen A. Zommara and Ibrahim M. Khattab
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:247
  44. Heat stress negatively impacts the reproductive performance of sheep including the efficiency of estrous synchronization regimens. This study aimed to investigate the potential effects of L-Carnitine (LC) admi...

    Authors: Haney Samir, Ayman A. Swelum, Elshymaa A. Abdelnaby and Hossam R. El-Sherbiny
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:246
  45. Authors: Haiqin Li, Yujun Zhu, Chunhe Wan, Zhangzhang Wang, Lei Liu, Meifang Tan, Fanfan Zhang, Yanbing Zeng, Jiangnan Huang, Chengcheng Wu, Yu Huang, Zhaofeng Kang and Xiaoquan Guo
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:245

    The original article was published in BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:232

  46. Syringomyelia is a spinal cord cavity containing cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)-like fluid. If syringomyelia asymmetrically involves the dorsal horn grey matter of the spinal cord, affected dogs show increased sign...

    Authors: Laura Lemke, Regina Carlson, Thomas Flegel, Andrea Volk, Holger Andreas Volk, Andrea Tipold and Jasmin Nicole Nessler
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:244
  47. Streptococcus suis serotype 2 (S. suis 2) is an important zoonotic pathogen. Orphan response regulator CovR plays crucial regulative functions in the survivability and pathogenicity of S. suis 2. However, resear...

    Authors: Yanyan Zhang, Rui Li, Qian Li, Yongwei Zhu, Xiaopei Yang, Di Zhao and Bingbing Zong
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2023 19:243

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