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Call for Papers: New Section Launches

The Editors are pleased to announce the launch of three new journal sections in BMC Veterinary Research. 

-Anesthesiology and pain management 

-Head and neck disorders

-Soft tissue surgery 

Author Q&A : Future control of Paratuberculosis

In our latest blog, Editor, Tillie Cryer interviewed Paratuberculosis expert, Emeritus Professor Richard Whittington, to find out more about the disease, his latest study, and how we can protect livestock in the future. 

Editor's picks

Featured Article: Gastrointestinal parasites and Enterobacteriaceae in loggerhead sea turtles

In a study of live Mediterranean loggerhead sea turtles, Citrobacter and Morganella were identified as the most common bacterial genera and digenetic trematodes in the gastrointestinal tract of these animals. 

Featured Article: Long-term health effects of bile harvesting on Asiatic black bears

Researchers from Washington State University have shown that bile farming affects bear long-term health and longevity, long after the termination of bile harvesting. 

Featured Article: Control of paratuberculosis: who, why and how?

A recent survey of 48 countries worldwide highlights the crucial need to secure funding and international support for implementing long-term control programmes against paratuberculosis. 


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Did your research give you data you couldn't find a home for?

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The Meridian Network is home to a collection of reporting guidelines and checklists for research that involve animals. The checklists are intended as an aid for authors to clearly, completely and transparently let reviewers and readers know what they did and found. We encourage our authors to adhere to these standards.

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