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Table 4 The PK-PD parameter estimates for the dividing AUC0–24/MIC by 24 h to obtain different antibacterial effects

From: Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of enrofloxacin treatment of Escherichia coli in a murine thigh infection modeling

Parameter Values
Emax (log10 CFU/thigh) 3.86
E0 (log10 CFU/thigh) −4.95
EC50 (h) 9.05
N 1.38
Dividing AUC0–24/MIC by 24 h for bacteriostatic action 0.325
Dividing AUC0–24/MIC by 24 h for 1-log10 reduction 0.4375
Dividing AUC0–24/MIC by 24 h for 2-log10 reduction 0.63
Dividing AUC0–24/MIC by 24 h for 3-log10 reduction 0.95
  1. Emax is logCFU24 h in the control sample (drug-free); E0 is logCFU24 hrs in the experimental sample comprising ENR when the maximum potential against bacterial growth was obtained; EC50 represents the PK-PD index for the drug which shows 50% of the highest antibacterial effect; N represents Hill coefficient (demonstrating the steepness of the effect curve obtained from PK-PD index)