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Table 2 Functions of the most abundant proteins identified in all participants dogs

From: Salivary proteomic profile of dogs with and without dental calculus

Function Accession number Protein name (Gene name)
Transport F2Z4Q6 Serum albumin (AFP ALB)
P49822 Albumin (allergen Can f 3) (ALB)
P60524 Hemoglobin subunit beta (HBB)
J9P430 Transferrin (TF)
P02648 Apolipoprotein A-I (APOA1)
P60529 Hemoglobin subunit alpha (HBA)
Immune response J9P732 EF-hand domain-containing protein (S100A9)
E2RCC8 Uncharacterized protein
C0LQL0 Protein S100 (S100A8 or S100A6)
F1PCH3 Enolase 1 (ENO1)
P19006 Haptoglobin (HP)
F1PR54 Uncharacterized protein
Enzymatic regulation E2R0H6 Prolactin induced protein (PIP)
F1PGM1 Complement C3 (C3)
F6USN4 Uncharacterized protein
Metabolism F1PE28 Transketolase (TKT)