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Table 2 Major components g/kg and the composition of diet used in this study

From: Tea polyphenols attenuate liver inflammation by modulating obesity-related genes and down-regulating COX-2 and iNOS expression in high fat-fed dogs

Ingredient g/kg
Water% ≤100
Crude protein% ≥200
Crude fat% ≥45
Crude fibe% ≤40
Crude ash% ≤90
Calcium% 7–10
Total phosphorus% 5–8
Calcium: total phosphorus% 1.2:1–1.4:1
Lysine g/100 g ≥7.4
Methionine-cystine g/100 g ≥5.4
Normal Dog food (dog Chow) 76%
Egg yolk 10%
Pig Oil 10%
Cholesterol 2.5%
Bile acid Sodium 1.5%
Total 100%