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Table 1 Proteins chosen for investigation of altered proteins in tylosin-resistant S. xylosus

From: Comparative proteomic analysis reveals drug resistance of Staphylococcus xylosus ATCC700404 under tylosin stress

Protein ID Gene name Proteins Unique Peptides Average iTRAQ ratio P-value Main function
A0A068E6D9 rplW 1 9 1.389 0.034 RPL23 is of approximately 70 proteins associated with rRNA in the large and small subunits of the ribosome, which is related to multidrug-resistant gastric cancer cell line.
C6ZDJ2 infB 1 1 1.366 0.044 Initiation factor (IF) 2 controls the fidelity of translation initiation,and domain III of IF2 plays a pivotal, allosteric, role in IF2 activation, which can be targeted for the development of novel antibiotics.
A0A068E9E8 aldA-1 2 1 1.647 0.001 The aldehyde dehydrigenases is a kind of metabolize aldehydes, thereby can mitigate oxidative stress.
A060MCA0 trxA 3 6 0.657 0.045 Thioredoxin play important roles in maintaining an intracellular reducing environment and combating oxidative stress in variety of organisms, including gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.
A0A068E7D1 katA 4 16 0.528 0.002 The activity of catalase is used to estimate the contribution of antioxidant systems to bacterial response to oxidative stress.
A7KJI7 gros 1 8 0.636 0.03 The chaperones played a major role in bacterial survival under conditions of stressc.