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Table 1 Distribution of infections associated with foetal loss (n = 31) in 260 dairy cattle in Nakuru District, Kenya, 2010–2011

From: Seroprevalence of antibodies for bovine viral diarrhoea virus, Brucella abortus and Neospora caninum, and their roles in the incidence of abortion/foetal loss in dairy cattle herds in Nakuru District, Kenya

Abortifacient pathogen Number Percentage
NC 9 29.0
NC and BVDV1 4 12.9
BVDV 3 9.7
BA 2 6.5
NC and BA1 2 6.5
NC, BA and BVDV1 1 3.2
No NC, BA or BVDV infection 10 32.3
Total 31 100.0
  1. 1Indicates animals that had co-infections (i.e four-fold rise in antibody titres to more than one pathogen with subsequent foetal loss)