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Table 2 Summary of reference sequenced used in this study

From: An epidemiological investigation of porcine circovirus 3 infection in cattle in Shandong province, China

Strain name Accesion numbei Country Host Complete genome or capsid gene
CCV-A KY363870.1 China canine Capsid
CCV-B KY363871.1 China canine Capsid
CCV-B KY363872.1 China canine Capsid
PCV3/CN/Guangdong-CH/2016 MF589112.1 China Pig Capsid
PCV3/CN/Guangxi002/2017 MF374971.1 China Pig Capsid
PCV3/CN/Guangxi003/2017 MF374972.1 China Pig Capsid
PCV3/CN/Jiangxi-S1/2017 MF589133.1 China Pig Capsid
PCV3/CN/Liaoning-12/2016 KY354047.1 China Pig Capsid
PCV3/CN/Liaoning-23/2016 KY354055.1 China Pig Capsid
CH/GX/1776D/2017 MG550107.1 China Pig Complete
CHN_Shanghai_0706_2016 KY865242.1 China Pig Complete
CHN_Shanghai_0708_2016 KY865243.1 China Pig Complete
CN/Hubei-618/2016 KY354039.1 China Pig Complete
CN_FJ-1 KY753912.1 China Pig Complete
CN GD-1 KY753911.1 China Pig Complete
CN_GD-2 KY753913.1 China Pig Complete
NWHEB21 MG564174.1 China Pig Complete
NWHEB2 MG564175.1 China Pig Complete
PCV3/CN/Anhui-14/201611 MF084994.1 China Pig Complete
PCV3/CN/Fujian-12/2016 KY075987.1 China Pig Complete
PCV3/CN/Fujian-5/2016 KY075986.1 China Pig Complete
PCV3/CN/GDSJ1/2017 MF405271.1 China Pig Complete
PCV3/CN/Henan-13/2016 KY075988.1 China Pig Complete
PCV3/CN/Guangdong-HY1/2016 MF589102.1 China Pig Complete
PCV3/CN/Guangdong-HZ4/2015 MF589103.1 China Pig Complete
PCV3/CN/Guangdong-MX3/2015 MF589104.1 China Pig Complete
PCV3/CN/Guangdong-SG1/2016 MF589105.1 China Pig Complete
PCV3/CN/GXHJ2/2017 MF405277.1 China Pig Complete
PCV3/CN/GXLJ1/2017 MF405276.1 China Pig Complete
PCV3/CN/Shandong-1/201703 KY778776.1 China Pig Complete
PCV3/CN/Shandong-2/201703 KY778777.1 China Pig Complete
PCV3-Chian/GX2016–2 MF155642.1 China Pig Complete
PCV3-China/GD2016 KY418606.2 China Pig Complete
PCV3-China/GX2016–1 MF155641.1 China Pig Complete
PCV3-China/GX2016–3 MF155643.1 China Pig Complete
PCV3-CHN/CC2016 KY421348.1 China Pig Complete
PCV3-CHN/GD2016 KY421347.1 China Pig Complete
PCV3/Thailand/PB01/17 MG310152.1 Thailand Pig Complete
PCV3-IT/CO2017 MF162298.1 Italy Pig Complete
PCV3-IT/MN2017 MF162299.1 Italy Pig Complete
PCV3-US/MN2016 KX898030.1 USA Pig Complete
PCV3-US/MO2015 KX778720.1 USA Pig Complete
PCV3-US/SD2016 KX966193.1 USA Pig Complete
DE5.15 MG014378.1 Germany Pig Capsid
DE13.20 MG014365.1 Germany Pig Complete
DE18.2 MG014365.1 Germany Pig Complete
DE27.16 MG014370.1 Germany Pig Complete
PCK3–1701 MF611876.1 South Korea Pig Complete
PCK3–1702 MF611877.1 South Korea Pig Complete
PCV3/KU-1602 KY996338.1 South Korea Pig Complete
PCV3/KU-1603 KY996339.1 South Korea Pig Complete
PCV3/KU-1605 KY996341.1 South Korea Pig Complete
PCV3/KU-1606 KY996342.1 South Korea Pig Complete
PCV3/KU-1608 KY996344.1 South Korea Pig Complete
PCV3-BR/RS/6 MF079253.1 Brazil Pig Complete
PCV3-BR/RS/8 MF079254.1 Brazil Pig Complete