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Table 4 Other differentially expressed genes

From: Expression of genes involved in the T cell signalling pathway in circulating immune cells of cattle 24 months following oral challenge with Bovine Amyloidotic Spongiform Encephalopathy (BASE)

Sequence ID Gene name and function Log fold change P value
ENSBTAG00000013761 STMN1, stathmin 1 1.66 0.00002
ENSBTAG00000008436 CDC25B, Cell division cycle 25B 2.01 0.00003
ENSBTAG00000009663 CSDA, cold shock domain protein A 1.7 0.00015
ENSBTAG00000007336 HCST, hematopoietic cell signal transducer 1.86 0.0003
ENSBTAG00000020350 DUSP2, dualspecificityphosphatase 2 −1.63 0.00264
ENSBTAG00000005947 PLAU, plasminogenactivator, urokinase −1.61 0.00012
ENSBTAG00000039657 H2A, Histone 2° −1.5 2.5E-05