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Table 2 Primers used in PCR to identify species and subspecies of Salmonella strains, according to Lee et al. [13]

From: Prevalence and genetic characteristics of Salmonella in free-living birds in Poland

Genes Function of gene Sequence of nucleotides Size
STM encodes a putative inner membrane protein, specific for S. enterica subsp I F-GGTGGCCTCGATGATTCCCG 137 bp
stn encodes Salmonella enterotoxin and is specific for S. enterica F-CGATCCCTTTCCCGCTATC 179 bp
invA invasion protein, for simultaneous identification of Salmonella at the genus level F-ACAGTGCTCGTTTACGACCTGAAT 244 bp
gatD encodes the galacitol-1-phosphate dehydrogenase (gatD), contributes to acid production from galacitol F-GGCGCCATTATTATCCTATTAC 501 bp
mdcA encodes the alpha subunit of the enzyme that contributes to malonate utilization F-GGATGTACTCTTCCATCCCCAGT 728 bp
fljB encodes phase 2 flagellin, enables differentiation between monophasic and diphasic subspecies F-GACTCCATCCAGGCTGAAATCAC 848 bp