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Table 3 The number of animals with BCS, SBP, cholesterol, triglyceride, and glucose above the upper reference limit pre- and post-weight-loss

From: Obesity-related metabolic dysfunction in dogs: a comparison with human metabolic syndrome

Criterion Upper limit1 Pre-weight loss Post-weight loss
Body condition score 2 >6/9 35 0
Cholesterol >7.8 mmol/L 4 0
Triglycerides >0.23 mmol/L 3 0
SBP 3 >160 mmHg 10 8
Glucose >5.5 mmol/L 11 8
  1. 1 Upper limit: the upper reference range limit used for the definition of metabolic syndrome. 2 Body condition score assessed with a 9-integer scale [19]. 3 Systolic blood pressure, measured indirectly by an oscillometric technique. All results are expressed as mean, median (range) & number above upper limit; the exception is except for body condition score (BCS), where the mean values are not reported as the data were categorical.