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Table 4 The list of assays used to determine metabolic and hormonal profiles

From: Changes in metabolic and hormonal profiles during transition period in dairy cattle – the role of spexin

Target Kit name Sensitivity Cat. No. Manufacturer
Spexin Spexin / NPQ (Human: Mouse: Bovine) - EIA Kit 0–100
EK-023-81 Phoenix Pharmaceuticals: USA
NEFA NEFA-HR 0.01–4.0 mmol/l 434–91,795
Wako Chemicals: Germany
BHBA β-Hydroxybutyrate 0.1–4.5 mmol/l H 7587 Pointe Scientific: USA
Ghrelin (total) Ghrelin (TOTAL) RIA 100–10,000 pg/mL GHRA-88HK Merck Millipore: USA
Progesterone Progesterone Elisa kit 0-40 ng/ml DNOV006 NovaTec: Germany
Glucose Glucose Oxy 10–500 mg/dl G7519 Pointe Scientific: USA
Insulin Insulin-Specific RIA 2–200 μU/mL HI-14 K Merck Millipore: USA
IGF-I IGF-1600 ELISA 0–600 ng/mL EIA-4140 DRG: Germany
Triglycerides Triglycerides DST 0–1000 mg/dl T7531 Pointe Scientific: USA
Cholesterol Cholesterol kit 0–700 mg/dl C7510 Pointe Scientific: USA
Ghrelin (active) Ghrelin (ACTIVE) RIA 10–2000 pg/mL GHRA-88HK Merck Millipore: USA
Leptin Multi-Species Leptin RIA 1–50 ng/mL XL-85 K Merck Millipore: USA
Corticosterone Corticosterone Double Antibody RIA Kit 0–1000 ng/ml SKU 07120103 MP Biomedicals: USA
17β-estradiol 17 beta-Estradiol Elisa kit 0–600 pg/ml DNOV003 NovaTec: Germany
AST AST (SGOT) Liquid Reagents 0–500 IU/l A7560 Pointe Scientific: USA
ALP Alkaline Phosphatase 0–800 IU/l A7505 Pointe Scientific: USA
GGTP Gamma Glutamyl Transferase Reagent Set 0–1000 IU/l G7571 Pointe Scientific: USA
  1. NEFA nonesterified fatty acid: BHBA β-hydroxybutyrate acid: IGF – I insulin-like growth factor I: AST aspartate transaminase: ALP alkaline phosphatase: GGTP gamma-glutamyl transferase