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Table 1 Patient demographics

From: Characterization of receptor tyrosine kinase activation and biological activity of toceranib phosphate in canine urothelial carcinoma cell lines

Breed Sex Age (Yr) Weight (kg) Tumor Location Regional Mets Distant Mets Chemo TOC Therapy
West Highland Terrier S 7.3 6.5 Trigone No No Yes No
Scottish Terrier S 10 9.0 Apex No No Yes No
Scottish Terrier C 9 18.0 Apex No No Yes No
Maltese C 8 5.2 Trigone, Urethra No No Yes No
Mixed S 12 19.1 Apex, Urethra No No No No
Mixed C 13 8.0 Apex No No Yes Yes
Mixed S 11.2 18.5 Trigone, Urethra No No No Yes
Shetland Sheepdog S 12.3 13.1 Dorsal Bladder Wall No No No Yes
Mixed C 10 15.0 Trigone, Urethra, Prostate No No Yes No
  1. The signalment of the patients from which nine primary tumor samples were collected is shown and included breed, sex, age, and weight. The presence of regional metastases (i.e. lymph nodes) and distant metastases (i.e. lung, bone, other intra-abdominal organs) were recorded. Whether patients received chemotherapy (not including toceranib phosphate) is denoted
  2. C castrated, S Spayed