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Table 1 Patient Characteristics of Dogs Diagnosed with Pancreatic Carcinoma Treated with Toceranib Phosphate

From: Toceranib phosphate (Palladia) for the treatment of canine exocrine pancreatic adenocarcinoma

Case Number Breed Gender Diagnosis Via Toceranib Dose (mg) Best Response Imaging used to assess response Toceranib-specific Survival Time (days) Cause of Death
1 Golden Retriever MC Cytology 2.2 PD Clinical response 52 Pancreatic Carcinoma
2 Golden Retriever FS Cytology/Histopathology 2.8 SD AUS and CXR every 8–12 weeks 302 Pancreatic Carcinoma
3 Beagle FS Histopathology 2.7 * N/A LTF: 82 Lost to follow-up
4 Beagle FS Histopathology 2.4 * N/A 14 Pancreatic Carcinoma
5 Shih Tzu FS Cytology 2.8 PR AUS 97 Lost to follow-up
6 Pitbull MC Histopathology 2.3 SD AUS Alive at Data Capture (05/12/2021): 506  N/A
7 Old English Sheepdog FS Cytology 2.2 PD AUS 17 Unknown
8 Irish Terrier FS Histopathology 2.5 SD Clinical response 301 Pancreatic Carcinoma
  1. AUS Abdominal Ultrasound, CXR Chest radiographs, FS Female spayed, LTF Lost to follow-up, MC male castrated, PD progressive disease, PR partial remission, SD stable disease
  2. *Toceranib used in the microscopic disease setting