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Table 1 Variants identified in Boxers dogs with SCCED in genes likely to have a possible role in corneal disease and corneal wound healing

From: A defect in the NOG gene increases susceptibility to spontaneous superficial chronic corneal epithelial defects (SCCED) in boxer dogs

Chromosomal location Gene Reference allele Variant allele Gene location
19: 50605253 KIF5C C A Intronic
19: 50602128 KIF5C A T Intronic
19: 50543167 KIF5C T A Intronic
19: 50546726 KIF5C C A Intronic
32: 22284093 EMCS A G Missense
37: 29701267 Serpine 2 A G Splice Site
9: 49015931 NOTCH1 G A Missense
9: 31453999 NOG gtgtgtgtgtgtgt