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Table 3 Studies in which the ferric-xylenol orange (FOX) assay was applied in serum samples of dogs

From: Spectrophotometric assays for evaluation of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in serum: general concepts and applications in dogs and humans

Situation studied Concentrations
(μmol t-Bu-OOH Equiv./L, unless stated otherwise)
Sarcoptic mange Control: 6.9 μmol H2O2 Equiv./L
Diseased: 15.5 μmol H2O2 Equiv./L
Idiopathic inflammatory bowel disease Control: 72.0 Diseased: 148.0 [26]
Atopic dermatitis Control: 65.0
Diseased: 82.0
Canine monocytic ehrlichiosis Control: ± 80.0
Subclinical disease: ± 80.0
Clinical disease: ± 85.0
Serum pools from healthy Beagle dogs 76.0–94.6 [66]
  1. ±, approximately (data based on article figures)