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Table 1 Haematology results for a 3-year old male huacaya alpaca diagnosed with acute fasciolosis

From: Acute fasciolosis in an alpaca: a case report

Parameter1 Reference interval2 Day 1 Day 2 Day 4 Day 5 Day 7 Day 8
PCV/Haematocrit (l/L) 0.24–0.36 0.16b 0.15b 0.16b 0.15b 0.13b 0.13b
Haemoglobin (g/L) 104–170 57b np3 np 55b 51.0b np
RBC (× 1012/L) 9.1–13.8 5.02b np np 4.83b 4.38b np
MCV (fl) 21.8–28.9 30.8a np np 30.4a 30.4a np
MCH (pg) 10.6–12.7 11.4 np np 11.4 11.7 np
MCHC (g/L) 418–496 370b np np 373b 384b np
Reticulocytes (× 109/L) <  82 317a np np 192a 239a np
Reticulocytes (%) < 1.5 7.4a np np 4.0a 5.5a np
nRBC (×109/L) 0 0 np np 0.42a 0 np
Platelets (×109/L) 220–947 1250a np np 1341a 1351a np
WBC (× 109/L) 7.1–18.6 40.05a np np 20.75a 19.20a np
Neutrophils (× 109/L) 3.5–12.1 31.64a np np 3.11b 6.34 np
Bands (×109/L) 0–0.1 0 np np 3.74a 0.38a np
Lymphocytes (×109/L) 1.5–4.7 1.2b np np 1.45b 6.53a np
Monocytes (×109/L) 0–0.9 1.6a np np 4.36a 3.65a np
Eosinophils (×109/L) 0.4–4.0 5.61a np np 8.09a 2.30 np
  1. 1 PCV: packed cell volume, RBC: red blood cell count, MCV: mean cell volume, MCH: mean cell haemoglobin, MCHC: mean cell haemoglobin concentration, nRBC: nucleated red blood cell count, WBC: white blood cell count
  2. 2 Dawson et al. [8]
  3. 3 np: not performed
  4. a Above the reference range
  5. b Below the reference range