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Table 2 Number and percentage of dogs stratified by type of dog, sex and neuter status, age and source of the dog. Data were collected from 641 working farm dogs enrolled in TeamMate

From: TeamMate: a longitudinal study of New Zealand working farm dogs. I. Methods, population characteristics and health on enrolment

Population featuresDogs% (95% CI)
Type of dog
 Heading dog31449(45–53)
 Huntaway30848 (44–52)
 Handy dog132 (1–3)
 Kelpie30 (0–1)
 Other mixed breed20 (0–1)
 Unknown10 (0–0)
Sex and neutering
 Female entire25039 (35–43)
 Female neutered295(3–6)
 Female neuter status unknown173(1–4)
 Male entire30548 (44–51)
 Male neutered122(1–3)
 Male neuter status unknown284(3–6)
Age range
 1.5 to 3 years29145 (42–49)
 3.1 to 5 years14322 (19–26)
 5.1 to 7 years9415 (12–17)
 7.1 to 10 years9214 (12–17)
 Above 10 years213(2–5)
Source of dog
 Obtained from another breeder46673 (69–76)
 Bred by current owner14823 (20–26)
 On loan10 (0–0)
 Not recorded264