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Table 1 Quantum dot labeled ECFCs in week 1 biopsies

From: Cell engraftment, vascularization, and inflammation after treatment of equine distal limb wounds with endothelial colony forming cells encapsulated within hydrogel microspheres

# Wounds with QD+ cells at week 13/66/60.27
QD+ cells per cryosection
ALL (Median [IQR])
11 [3–24]21 [9–42]0.14
QD+ cells per cryosection
LOW (Median [IQR])
5.5 [3–20.25]27 [11.75–44.5]0.02
QD+ cells per cryosection
HIGH (Median [IQR])
19 [15.75–35.75]10 [1–21]0.38
  1. 10 slides with 2 sections per slide per biopsy were used to quantify the number of quantum dot (QD) positive ECFCs in week 1 biopsy samples. Each horse had 1 wound per treatment biopsied at week 1. ALL = all cell-treated wounds from week 1 biopsies from both phases of study. LOW = wounds from Phase 1 with 8 mil cells/wound. HIGH = wounds from Phase 2 with 12–16 mil cells/wound. IQR = interquartile range. Significant P values are in bold, italicized text.