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Table 2 Udder parenchyma firmness after intramammary challenge of Q-/q-uniparous cows with S. aureus or E. coli

From: In vivo model to study the impact of genetic variation on clinical outcome of mastitis in uniparous dairy cows

Udder palpatory scoreaTime (h) relative to S. aureus challengeTime (h) relative to E. coli challenge
Soft1 1                     
Soft, small knots8957243  1 211 1 1352   
Coarse, small knots3365976109987788887311312
Coarse, large knots    11322122223233  1 2 
Firm, no subcutis edema         1111 1     1112
Quarter swelling        1 1 11 111  1222
  1. audder palpatory score represents signs of inflammation (firmness) of udder parenchyma. Animals with divergent haplotypes (Q/q) received intramammary challenge with S. aureus (24 animals (Q: n = 12 versus q: n = 12), 2 udder quarters) or E. coli (12 animals (Q: n = 6 versus q: n = 6), 1 udder quarter). For S. aureus-challenged animals, a mean score is given for two challenged udder quarters