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Table 1 Tritrichomonas foetus isolates included in this study

From: Clinical isolates of Tritrichomonas foetus in bulls in Wyoming, South Dakota and Montana, USA

IsolatesCounty, StateSample testedNo positive+Sampling dateCulturedSequenced
SD1Butte, SD41+1/18/2011++
SD2Butte, SD2114/12/2011++
WY1Unita, WY11+1/24/2011++
WY2Unita, WY112/18/2011++
WY3Unita, WY11+3/28/2011++
WY4–6Unita, WY43+4/8/2011++
Carbon, WY4824/15/2011
WY7Hot Spring, WY7314/20/2011++
WY8.1–8.2Carbon, WY187+#5/12/2011++
Hot Spring, WY2525/23/2011
WY10Hot spring, WY3216/22/2011++
WY12–13Unita, WY22+12/31/2011++
WY11Lincoln, WY391+1/5/2012++
WY14Unita, WY11+1/14/2012+
WY15Unita, WY511+1/30/2012+
WY16Sweetwater, WY11+1/28/2012
WY17–18Lincoln, WY22+2/7/2012+
WY19.1–19.9Lincoln, WY10913*2/15/2012
WY20.1–20.2Lincoln, WY302+3/8/2012+
WY21Fremont, WY31+4/3/2012+
WY22.1–22.2Washakie, WY14310/17/2012+
Wy23.1–23.2Washakie, WY80211/29/2012+
WY24.1–24.2Washakie, WY36212/4/2012+
WY25Washakie, WY951+12/11/2012+
Washakie, WY34112/11/2012
Unita, WY52*12/19/2012
unknown, WY62*1/3/2013
Sweetwater, WY124*1/14/2013
WY26.1–26.6Washakie, WY6261/10/2013+
Hot Spring, WY7311/16/2013+
Sweetwater, WY81*1/19/2013
MT 1Blaine, MT552*1/7/2013
  1. +: culture positive samples also confirmed by PCR
  2. #: Only two of seven sample were available for culture
  3. *: Frozen samples were submitted for PCR only