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Table 2 Details of IBV samples obtained in the current study, during 2018-2019

From: Molecular characterization of isolated infectious bronchitis viruses from affected vaccinated broiler flocks in Syria

Sample Governorate aAge (day) Vaccine Organ of isolation
Ha1T Hama 27 Ma5 Trachea
T1T Tartous 37 H120 Trachea
Ho1T Homs 33 H120 Trachea
T2K Tartous 29 H120+Ma5 Kidney
T3T Tartous 34 H120+Ma5 Trachea
T4T Tartous 28 H120 Trachea
T5T Tartous 27 H120 Trachea
Ha2T Hama 35 H120 Trachea
T6K Tartous 30 H120 Kidney
T7K Tartous 35 H120 Kidney
  1. aAge: bird's age at sample collection