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Table 1 African swine fever virus (ASFV) strains circulating in Malawi together with genotype II ASFV previously described in Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique,Zimbabwe, Georgia and China, sharing high nucleotide identity with strains that caused outbreak in Malawi during September 2019

From: Genetic profile of African swine fever virus responsible for the 2019 outbreak in northern Malawi

Isolate Host species Year of isolation Town/district Country Accession number P72 genotype Reference
MAL 2011/5 Domestic pig 2011 NK1 Malawi KC835275 II Unpublished
MAL2011 4 Domestic pig 2011 NK Malawi JX524217 II Unpublished
MAL/2011/3 Domestic pig 2011 NK Malawi KC662378 II Unpublished
Mal 2011/01 Domestic pig 2011 NK Malawi JX294724 II Unpublished
MAL/19/Karonga_1 Domestic pig 2019 Karonga district Malawi MN755863 II This study
MAL/19/Karonga_2 Domestic pig 2019 Karonga district Malawi MN755864 II This study
MAL/19/Karonga_3 Domestic pig 2019 Karonga district Malawi MN755865 II This study
MAL/19/Karonga_4 Domestic pig 2019 Karonga district Malawi MN755866 II This study
TAN/12/Iringa Domestic pig 2012 Iringa Tanzania KF834193 II [34]
TAN/10/Kyela Domestic pig 2010 Kyela Tanzania JX391987 II [35]
ZAM/13/Mbala Domestic pig 2013 Mbala Zambia LC174750 II [12]
ZAM/2017/Mbala/1 Domestic pig 2017 Mbala Zambia LC322016 II [36]
ZIM/2015/01 Domestic pig 2015 Mashonaland Zimbabwe KX090923 II [37]
MOZ_5/2006 Soft tick 2006 Gorongosa National Park Mozambique KY353984 II [14]
Georgia 2007/1 Domestic pig 2007 Caucasus Region Georgia NC_044959 II [38]
China 2018/1 Domestic pig 2018 Shenbei China MH722357 II [20]
Tengani Warthog 1960 Tengani Malawi AF301541 V [16]
MAL/2002/1 Domestic pig 2002 Mpemba Camp Malawi AY494553 V [27]
Malawi/1978 Domestic pig 1978 NK Malawi AF270707 VIII [16]
ZAM/2/84 Domestic pig 1984 NK Malawi AF449471 VIII [16]
Dezda Domestic pig 1986 Chilikum-Wera, Dedza Malawi AF449479 VIII [16]
NDA/1/90 Domestic pig 1990 Nadula Malawi AF449473 VIII [16]
BAN/911 Domestic pig 1991 Bangula, Lower Shire Malawi AY351501 VIII [27]
DED/891 Domestic pig 1989 Dedza District Malawi AY351502 VIII [27]
DED/911 Domestic pig 1991 Mtenden Campus, Dedza Malawi AY351503 VIII [27]
DOWA Domestic pig 1986 Moya, Dowa Malawi AY351509 VIII [27]
KAC/912 Domestic pig 1991 Kachendere Seminary Malawi AY351504 VIII [27]
LIL/891 Domestic pig 1989 Lilongwe District Malawi AY351505 VIII [27]
LIL/901 Domestic pig 1990 Kafere diptank, Lilongwe Malawi AY351510 VIII [27]
MCH/891 Domestic pig 1989 Kachebere Seminary Malawi AY351506 VIII [27]
MCH/893 Domestic pig 1989 Lilongwe District Malawi AY351507 VIII [27]
MCHINJI/075 Domestic pig 1987 Mchinji Malawi AY351508 VIII [27]
NGE/921 Domestic pig 1992 Karonga District Malawi AY351544 VIII [27]
SAL/921 Domestic pig 1992 Salima District Malawi AY351546 VIII [27]
SIY91/2 Domestic pig 1991 Sinyala diptank, Lilongwe Malawi AY351566 VIII [27]
THY/901 Domestic pig 1990 Comforzi farm, Thyolo District Malawi AY351545 VIII [27]
Malawi Lil-20/1 (1983) Tick (pig) 1983 Chalaswa Malawi AY261361 VIII [30]
MZI/921 Domestic pig 1992 Euthini, Mzinda District, Malawi AY351543 XII [27]
  1. 1Not known