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Table 4 Definitions of the terminology used in this study

From: Wild-type cutoff for Apramycin against Escherichia coli

Terminology Description Reference
Subsets Subsets of data extracted from datasets [22]
Lognormal Distribution A frequency (probability) distribution where the data are distributed in a Gaussian (normal) manner after the data points have been converted to logarithms. [22]
Skewness Lack of symmetry in a frequency distribution. [22]
Kurtosis Excessive peaking or flattening of a frequency distribution when compared with the normal distribution. [22]
COWT COWT also known as the epidemiological cutoff (ECV), defined as the highest susceptibility endpoint of the wild-type (WT) population MIC, has been shown to detect the emergence of in vitro resistance or to separate WT isolates (without known mechanisms of resistance) from non-WT isolates (with mechanisms of resistance and reduced susceptibilities to the antibacterial agent being evaluated). COWT are calculated by taking into account the MIC distribution, the modal MIC of each distribution, and the inherent variability of the test (usually within one doubling dilution) and should encompass ≥95% of isolates. [22, 39, 40]