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Table 3 Descriptive results of the production management of the broiler farms included in the study

From: Risk factors for poor health and performance in European broiler production systems

Subcategory Situation on farm Number of farmse % of total
Date of placementa Complete area of the housec 206 57.5
Floor temperature measuredd 263 73.6
Light intensity Adapted during production cycle 245 68.5
Litter material wood shavings 102 28.5
cut straw 90 25.1
peat 46 12.8
rice hulls 39 10.9
complete straw 31 8.7
Daily data registration water intake 314 87.7
feed intake 146 40.8
bodyweight 97 27.1
Light during catchingb Adaptation of light 349 97.5
- Decrease of light intensity 181 51.8
- Use of red lights 105 30.1
- Use of blue lights 63 18.1
  1. aDate when day old chicks are placed into the broiler house; bLight that is used when broilers are caught for transport to slaughterhouse; cDay old chicks have access to the full floor area of the broiler house; dFloor temperature is measured when day old chicks are placed into the house; eNumber of farms that have this situation on farm