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Table 1 Descriptive results of the housing of the broiler farms included in the study

From: Risk factors for poor health and performance in European broiler production systems

Subcategory Situation on farm Number of farmsd % of total
Floor qualitya Smooth impervious 132 37.7
Fair condition 46 13.1
Cracked to some degree 165 45.9
Compacted earth 15 4.2
Ventilationb Roof ventilation 104 29.1
Cross ventilation 74 20.7
Roof x Tunnel ventilation 72 20.2
Tunnel 40 11.2
Cross x Tunnel ventilation 37 10.3
Natural ventilation 26 7.3
Other 5 1.4
Heating systemc Direct 194 54.3
Indirect 164 45.7
  1. aFloor quality was scored into four categories from “smooth impervious” (best situation) to “compacted earth” (worst situation). bThe type of ventilation system used to refresh the air inside the broiler house. cThe heating system was classified into two categories: direct heating (CO2 is produced inside the broiler house) and indirect heating (no CO2 is produced inside the broiler house. d Number of farms that have this situation on farm, a total of 358 broiler farms participated in this study