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Table 6 Details on categorization to evaluate compliance with Swiss prudent use guidelines

From: Antimicrobial prescriptions in cats in Switzerland before and after the introduction of an online antimicrobial stewardship tool

Categorya Explanation
Guidelines followed Antimicrobial class, dose and treatment duration in complete agreement with the guidelines
Guidelines not followed Antimicrobial use/non-use not in agreement with the guidelines, i.e. different dosec or treatment durationd, different antimicrobial classe or no antibiotics prescribed despite being indicated
AMUbnot indicated
Guidelines followed No antibiotics prescribed
Guidelines not followed Unjustified prescription of antibiotics
  1. aBased on the Justification Scores in Schmitt et al., 2019 [45]; bAMU, antimicrobial use; cA deviation of up to 20% above or below the recommended dose was accepted; dA margin of one day shorter or longer was tolerated; eCases were only listed once, i.e. if dose or treatment duration as well as antimicrobial class deviated from the guidelines, cases were listed in “different antimicrobial class”