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Table 1 Sample demographics for ChRO-seq, RT-PCR, IHC, and Masson’s trichrome staining

From: Chromatin run-on sequencing analysis finds that ECM remodeling plays an important role in canine hemangiosarcoma pathogenesis

Sample IDbreedage/sexmappable readsRT-PCRIHCTC
B775Std Poodle9 M2,896,317   
B297NMBoxer8 M11,511,843 y 
B297a8 M767,118   
B307NMPit Bull10 F16,262,534   
B30710 F7,465,452   
B675aLab Ret10 F1,445,922   
B788amixedunknown F289,530   
B743GS10 F12,893,170   
B554mixed12 M14,950,537 yy
B180GR11 F2,398,038   
B280Lab Cross11 F4,095,959   
B829Flat Coated Ret9 M15,142,541   
C073Lab Ret12 M13,668,541   
C085Bloodhound12 F8,272,496y  
C340mixed breed9 M13,105,709y  
C349Ches Bay ret13 F6,443,615   
C356Rhodesian ridge11 F12,787,355y  
C369mixed breed11 M17,736,413   
C001NMGerman Shepherd Dog11 M38,197,939   
C00111 M27,098,934   
C034NMGerman Shepherd Dog11 M39,192,419   
C03411 M19,416,386   
C253Golden Retriever11 M20,874,160   
C442Golden Retriever10 M34,231,915   
B648Golden RetrieverFS11N/A yy
B172BoxerF9N/A yy
B176Lab RetFS13N/A yy
B783Jack RussellM14N/A yy
B848BulldogFS12N/A yy
  1. Sample ID (B:CUHA sample, C: CCOGC sample), breed and age/sex are in the table
  2. NM normal
  3. asample data were excluded from further analysis due to the low mapped reads