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Table 3 Contingency tables with Cohen’s kappa (κ) values (95% CI) for paired serum and meat juice samples analysed on the ArrayStrip platform. Samples originate from 87 pigs slaughtered in 3 German abattoirs between October 2016 and January 2017

From: Use of meat juice and blood serum with a miniaturised protein microarray assay to develop a multi-parameter IgG screening test with high sample throughput potential for slaughtering pigs

T. gondii
 κ = 0.92 (CI: 0.75–1)ArrayStrip meat juice 
 ArrayStrip serumpositive606
 total780n = 87
Y. enterocoliticaYop O:3
 κ = 0.82 (CI: 0.7–0.94)ArrayStrip meat juice 
 ArrayStrip serumpositive40040
 total4839n = 87