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Table 2 Reassortment analysis of H6N2 virus genomes based on phylogenetic clusters A, B, and C

From: Continuing evolution of H6N2 influenza a virus in South African chickens and the implications for diagnosis and control

StrainGenome segmentGenotype
338,087/2015 (GAU, Br)CABBBBBBa
341,797/2015a (NW, Br.B)ACBCCCCCb
339,678/2015a (NW, Br.B)ACBCCCCCb
344,378/2015b (GAU, L)CABBBBBBa
344,579/2015b (GAU, L)CABBBBBBa
398,997/2016c (GAU, L)ACBCCCCCb
N2826/2016 (GAU, Br)ACBCCCCCb
401,156/2016 (NW, L)ACBCCCCCb
402,385/2016 (NW, Br.B)ACBCCCCCb
404,573/2016 (GAU, L)ACBCCBCBc
H44954/2016 (KZN, L)BBAAAAAAd
432/19/2019 (GAU, L)CCBACCCCe
  1. GAU Gauteng Province, NW North West Province, KZN KwaZulu-Natal Province, Br broilers, Br.B broiler breeders, L layers (see Table 1). Lower case  bold italicised letters in the last column summarise shared genotypes
  2. abcStrains marked with the same symbol are from the same producer/site