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Table 3 Number of thermographic ROI from 40 dogs affected with bone neoplasia and their normal contralateral limb

From: Medical infrared thermal imaging of canine appendicular bone neoplasia

Aspect of the limbLimbCranialLateralMedial aCaudalTotal
Proximal (shoulder/hip)Cancer3 a202 a3 a28
Contralateral2 a202 a1 a25
Middle (elbow/stifle)Cancer20295 a1771
Contralateral21314 a1773
Distal (carpus/tarsus)Cancer12153 a737
Contralateral11143 a836
Full limbCancer5162 a225
Contralateral5172 a226
TotalCancer4080 b12 a29161
Contralateral3982 b11 a28160
  1. a Due to small data sets, these values were not included in the analysis
  2. b Certain neoplastic lesions intersected multiple region of interests (e.g. proximal and middle limb thermographic images were taken for the same mid-diaphyseal humeral neoplasm)