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Table 6 Results of logistic regression analysis to detect the variable for identifying non-responders

From: Assessment of myocardial function in obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy cats with and without response to medical treatment by carvedilol

  Univariate analysis p value Multivariate analysis p value
Odds ratio (95% CI) Odds ratio (95% CI)
  LVPWd 4.92 (1.21–19.92) 0.0256
 Global circumferential strain
  Epicardial layer 2.48 (1.17–5.24) 0.0178 2.53 (1.07–5.24) 0.0342
  Endo/Epi 5.89 (1.01–34.14) 0.0481
  1. CI: confidence interval; Endo/Epi: endocardial to epicardial ratio; LVPWd: end-diastolic left ventricular posterior-wall thickness.