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Table 1 Baseline characteristics and clinical findings at the time of hospitalisation of seven Belgian Blue crossbred calves referred to the clinic. Calves 1, 2 and 3 were referred with existing signs of alopecia. Calves 4–7 were picked up at the farm in the first week of life when no clinical signs were apparent. BS, Brown Swiss; BB, Belgian Blue; RH, Red Holstein

From: Alopecia in Belgian Blue crossbred calves: a case series

ParameterCalf 1Calf 2Calf 3Calf 4Calf 5Calf 6Calf 7
Cross breedBS x BBBS x BBBS x BBRH x BBRH x BBBS x BBBS x BB
Age (days)2842197121
Body mass (kg)44.757.044.245.445.251.540.6
Body conditionPoorModerateModerateModerateGoodGoodGood
PostureHind legs gathered underneath abdomenHind legs gathered underneath abdomenNo weight bearing on left hind limbUnremarkableUnremarkableUnremarkableUnremarkable
Heart rate (beats per minute)12010092120112116120
Respiratory rate (breaths per minute)24403240362840
Body temperature (°Celsius)37.635.940.