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Table 1 Mtb EV reactive proteins identified by mass spectrometry

From: Mycobacterium tuberculosis extracellular vesicle-associated lipoprotein LpqH as a potential biomarker to distinguish paratuberculosis infection or vaccination from tuberculosis infection

Accessiona Protein Name Score Covb # Pept.
A2VJY2 Acyl carrier protein AcpP 390,08 44,35 5
A2VME2 19 kDa lipoprotein antigen lpqH 1157,9 11,95 2
A2VL81 Conserved 35 kDa alanine rich protein 980,9 61,48 6
  1. aAccession number as Uniprop database
  2. bCoverage as provided by Mascot mass spectrometry searching engine