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Table 1 Detection of BLV pol gene (DNA) and transcript (RNA) in tissues from animal 184

From: Spontaneous virus reactivation in cattle chronically infected with bovine leukemia virus

Animal ID Tissue BLV pol DNA1 BLV pol RNA2
1843 Blood 309,000 ND4
Spleen 100,000 6500
Prescapular lymph node 36,000 ND
Liver 3500 na
Kidney 2100 na
Bone marrow 2000 ND
  1. ND not detected
  2. na not assayed
  3. 1BLV proviral DNA measured by qPCR (copies per μg of DNA)
  4. 2BLV RNA by RT-qPCR (copies per mg of tissue)
  5. 3DEX untreated control
  6. 4Plasma sample