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Table 2 Signalment of the individuals included in the analyses of NDRG1 in canine tissues and cells

From: Cell and context-dependent sorting of neuropathy-associated protein NDRG1 – insights from canine tissues and primary Schwann cell cultures

Breed Age Gender Analysis
Spitz dog 3 weeks Female IHC
Norwegian Lundehund 2 months Male WB
Labrador retriever 8 months Female IHC
French Bulldog 6 years Male IHC
Alaskan malamute 7 years Male IHC
Norwegian Elkhound 7 years Male IHC, IF
Alaskan malamute 8 years Female IHC, IF, Schwann cell culture, WB
Alaskan malamute 11 years Female IHC
Gordon setter 12 years Female IHC
Pointer 12 years Male WB
English Springer Spaniel 14 years Male IHC
Alaskan malamute, homozygous for Gly98Val mutation 10 years Female IHC, IF
  1. IHC Immunohistochemistry, IF Immunofluorescence, WB Western blot