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Table 2 Mean (SE) of effective concentration to inhibit 50% (EC50) of egg hatching or larval migration and to kill 50% of the cells

From: In vitro ovicidal effect of a Senecio brasiliensis extract and its fractions on Haemonchus contortus

Extract In vitro testb EC50 (mg.mL−1)
Dried plant EHT 0.660 (0.506 to 0.859)
LMIT 10.150 (8.022 to 12.840)
CT 45.430 (37.580 to 54.920)
Alkaloids from dried plant EHT 2.435 (2.143 to 2.765)
Non-polar fraction from dried plant EHT 4.356 (0.434 to 43.760)
Fresh plant EHT 2.596 (2.139 to 3.086)
LMIT 1712 (44.020 to 66.560)
Alkaloids from fresh plant EHT a
Non-polar fraction from fresh plant EHT a
  1. aIt was not possible to estimate
  2. bEHT Egg Hatching Test, LMIT Larval Migration Inhibition Test, CT Cytotoxicity Test