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Fig. 1

From: Prion protein polymorphisms associated with reduced CWD susceptibility limit peripheral PrPCWD deposition in orally infected white-tailed deer

Fig. 1

PrPCWD deposition pattern in the cerebellum (a to d) and the frontal cortex (e, f) of clinically affected deer. Inserts contain magnified images of the corresponding sample to show the morphology and limits of the PrPCWD aggregates. a Cerebellum of a wt/wt deer showing abundant coalescing PrPCWD deposits and plaques in the granular and Purkinje cell layer. b S96/wt deer showing evident milder deposition. PrPCWD plaques are observed only in the granular layer. c Cerebellum from the H95/wt deer showing a patch-shaped distribution of coarse granular and fine punctate PrPCWD aggregates through the granular layer. d Cerebellum from the H95/S96 deer, which presented coarse granular aggregates homogeneously distributed through the granular layer and stellate aggregates in the molecular layer (arrow). e Frontal cortex from a wt/wt deer showing abundant plaques in grey and white matter. f Frontal cortex from the H95/S96 deer showing mild deposition of fine punctate cell-associate aggregates

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