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Table 1 LPS and primary pro-inflammatory cytokines content of different groups

From: Replacement of grains with soybean hulls ameliorates SARA-induced impairment of the colonic epithelium barrier function of goats

pH in colon 6.90a±0.34 5.98b±0.42 6.73a±0.28
LPS in colon, kEU/mL 27.64b±2.96 56.3a±3.26 28.3b±3.83
LPS in plasma, EU/mL 0.16b±0.02 0.96a±0.35 0.23b±0.06
IL-1β in plasma, ng/mL 0.162b±0.013 0.23a±0.018 0.155b±0.016
IL-6 in plasma, pg/mL 15.67b±1.17 72.2a±0.68 12.2b±0.41
TNF-α in plasma, fmol/mL 76.73c±5.32 570.36a±24.29 354.15b±51.42
  1. Different characters (a, b and c) show significant difference among diets (p < 0.05)