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Table 3 Bacteroidetes:Firmicutes ratios from the MiSeq analysis

From: Intestinal microbiota mediates Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli-induced diarrhea in piglets

Piglets Jejunum Feces
Transplantation-D 0.06 0.39
Transplantation- ND 0.09 0.53
  1. The microbial diversity in the piglet jejunum and feces were analyzed using 16S rRNA sequencing (n = 4 before pooling). The ratios of Bacteroidetes: Firmicutes were calculated based on the relative percentage of Bacteroidetes to the relative percentage of Firmicutes
  2. Piglets after the development of watery diarrhea by transplantation were defined as transplanted diarrheal piglets (Transplanted-D). At day 6, piglets without diarrhea after transplantation were defined as transplanted non-diarrheal piglets (Transplanted-ND)