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Table 2 Findings in upregulated proteins under mimetic conditions related to pathogenesis but not characterized in the databases

From: Transcriptomics of Haemophilus (Glässerella) parasuis serovar 5 subjected to culture conditions partially mimetic to natural infection for the search of new vaccine antigens

Locus Access number Uniprot Location Findings
HAPS_RS00735 OM Nothing was recognized
HAPS_RS00740 a OMa Half C-terminal Carrier a
HAPS_RS00745 a EXa Half n-terminal auto transporter a
HAPS_RS01435 B8F3S4 CP Nothing was recognized
HAPS_RS01895 B8F410 EX Nothing was recognized
HAPS_RS04480 PP Domain of the superfamily Glycoside-hydrolase
HAPS_RS04485 B8F5E9 EX Immunoglobulin-like fold domain
HAPS_RS07950 CP Domain of the Thioredoxin-like superfamily
HAPS_RS09000 B8F7Q0 IM Homology with permease
HAPS_RS10195 B8F899 CP ParB-like and HNH nuclease domains
  1. The locus in the reference genome (SH0165 strain) is also indicated. a indicates that this was a single protein recognized as two different ones