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Fig. 1

From: Expression of selected genes isolated from whole blood, liver and obex in lambs with experimental classical scrapie and healthy controls, showing a systemic innate immune response at the clinical end-stage

Fig. 1

Western Blot image. Western immunoblot using P4 antibody for the detection of PrPSc in equal amount of homogenated brain tissue from animals and inoculation material used in the experiment (TeSeE Western Blot, Bio-Rad). Lanes 1–5 represent the five animals in the scrapie group, and lanes 6 and 7 represent two animals in the control group. Lane 8 represents inoculation material (donor) used in the scrapie group and a molecular marker was placed in lane 9. PrPSc was detected in inoculation material and in all the animals from the scrapie group

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