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Table 2 N-terminal amino acid sequence of purified rFeIFN-α15

From: Novel recombinant feline interferon carrying N-glycans with reduced allergy risk produced by a transgenic silkworm system

Cycle no. Amino acid pmol
1 ND
2 D 26.1
3 L 18.9
4 P 10.5
5 Q 15.3
  1. Purified rFeIFN-α15 was separated on a SDS-PAGE gel, and its N-terminal amino acid sequence was determined by five cycles of automated Edman degradation. The N-terminal sequences of the two main bands on SDS-PAGE were determined. Results obtained from analysis of the larger, 20-kDa band are shown; results obtained with the < 20-kDa band were identical. ND: No amino acid was detected during the first cycle of degradation, suggesting that it was cysteine