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Table 2 Owner demographics, dog information and activities: continuous data1

From: Quality of life and owner attitude to dog overweight and obesity in Thailand and the Netherlands

Measure   Body condition score (BCS)  
(number of answers)5 Country BCS 3 BCS 4 BCS 5 Transformation/ANOVA significance3
Owner age (years)
(n = 355) Netherlands 42.0±1.92 44.1±1.8 47.8±3.4 Ranking
Thailand 37.6±1.4 38.5±1.6 38.2±1.5 C
Ownership (years)
(n = 354*) Netherlands 5.4±0.5 5.5±0.5 7.3±0.6 Ranking
Thailand 3.9±0.2a4 4.7±0.2 5.3±0.2a C,B
Dog age (years)
(n = 355) Netherlands 5.8±0.5A 6.2±0.5 8.2±0.7B Ranking
Thailand 4.2±0.2aA 5.1±0.2b 5.6±0.2abB C,B,CxB
Total indoor activity (h/week)
(n = 353*) Netherlands 8.9±1.4aA 5.3±1.0B 3.7±1.7aC Ranking
Thailand 47.9±4.4A 41.3±4.4B 40.1±5.5C C,B,CxB
Total outdoor activity (h/week)
(n = 353*) Netherlands 19.7±1.7 18.3±1.8A 20.8±3.7 Ranking
Thailand 21.1±3.3 13.1±2.1A 20.5±3.8 C
Total indoor plus outdoor activity (h/week)
(n = 352*) Netherlands 28.6±2.7A 23.6±2.3B 24.5±4.1C Ranking
Thailand 69.0±5.7A 54.4±4.4B 61.6±8.2C C,B
  1. 1This table is based on part 1 and part 2 of the questionnaire (see Additional file 1: Appendix)
  2. 2Results are presented as means ± SEM
  3. 3Significance (P < 0.05) based on two-way ANOVA with main factors country and body condition score. C indicates effect of country; B, effect of body condition score; CxB, interaction. Measures that are not normally distributed and/or where the variances were unequal were first transformed. In this column the type of transformation is also given
  4. 4Contrast significance (post hoc comparisons, P < 0.005683). Post hoc testing was done by unpaired Student’s t test (Gaussian distributed data + homoscedasticity), unpaired Student’s t test with Welch-Satterthwaite correction (Gaussian distributed data + heteroscedasticity) or Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test (non-Gaussian distributed data). Within the same row (country) values with the same superscript lowercase letter were significantly different. Within the same column (body condition score) values with the same superscript uppercase letter were significantly different
  5. 5The number of answers is given in parentheses
  6. *Indicates missing answers