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Table 1 Cattle herds identified in the Adamawa Region of Cameroon in October and November 2014

From: Cattle transhumance and agropastoral nomadic herding practices in Central Cameroon

Herd/Collar number Location (village of origin) Administrative Division Collar deployment date Herd size Tracked Animal and age (years) Transhumance completed and survey carried out Complete GPS data retrieved
1299 Likok Vina 18/11/2014 45 cow (4y) Yes Yes
1300 Belel Vina 25/10/2014 57 cow (4y) Yes Yes
1301 Nyambaka Vina 24/10/2014 35 bull (4y) Yes Yes
1302 Likok Vina 03/11/2014 40 bull (4y) Yes Yes
1303 Margol Vina 03/11/2014 71 cow (5y) Yes No
1304 Mbe Vina 03/11/2014 71 cow (4y) No No
1305 Dir Mbere 05/11/2014 93 bull (4y) Yes Yes
1307 Lougga Vina 19/11/2014 50 cow (6y) Yes No
1308 Martap Vina 08/11/2014 45 cow (4y) Yes Yes
1350 Banyo Mayo Banyo 30/11/2014 33 bull (4y) Yes No
  1. Date of deployment of the GPS device depended on the date of start of the transhumance, the availability of the  herds' owners and locations of these herds. In brackets are reported the ages of the cattle (in year) that were selected to be tracked