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Table 5 Outcomes of dogs treated with DBM mix (D1–5) and dogs treated with GM (G1–5). Presented are the results based on Computed Tomographic imaging. ‘Width bridge’ is the width of the narrowest portion of the bony bridge in the osteotomy gap (in mm). 1Ratio of the narrowest bridge and the original cut. No significant differences were found between the two treatment groups (p = 0.1)

From: Comparison of three imaging modalities used to evaluate bone healing after tibial tuberosity advancement in cranial cruciate ligament-deficient dogs and comparison of the effect of a gelatinous matrix and a demineralized bone matrix mix on bone healing – a pilot study

  Width bridge (mm) Ratio bridge to cut1
D1 8.1 0.86
D2 11.2 0.93
D3 8.9 0.83
D4 4.0 0.60
D5 5.7 0.71
Mean 7.58 0.79
G1 5.6 0.75
G2 3.6 0.33
G3 3.3 0.24
G4 4.9 0.78
G5 2.6 0.28
Mean 4.0 0.48