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Table 1 Breed, age, weight, type of surgery and ASA status of the dogs included in the study

From: A preliminary study evaluating cardiac output measurement using Pressure Recording Analytical Method (PRAM) in anaesthetized dogs

Case n. Breed Age (years) Weight (kg) Surgery ASA Status
1 Golden Retriever 1 17 Pyometra III
2 Mixed Breed 2 15 Septic peritonitis for intestinal rupture (foreign body) IV
3 Beagle 3 17 Septic peritonitis for a rupture of an hepatic abscess III - IV
4 German Shepherd 2 23 Pyometra IV
5 Mixed Breed 2 14 Pyometra III - IV
6 Mixed Breed 1 14 Septic peritonitis for anastomotic dehiscence IV