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Table 1 Comparison of the full model and the final model for EOW

From: Factors contributing to the decision to perform a cesarean section in Labrador retrievers

Variable Full model Final model
Adult weight of the dam 0.001 0.003
Weight of the heaviest puppy in a litter 0.000 0.000
std of the puppy weights in a litter 0.333  
Litter size 0.128  
Parity 0.881  
Season of whelping 0.667  
Number of malpositioned fetuses, linear 0.000 0.000
Number of malpositioned fetuses, quadratic 0.000 0.042
Quality of the contractions 0.000 0.000
Inbreeding coefficient of the dam 0.973  
df 12 8
Akaike’s information criterion 896.69 858.23
Bayesian information criterion 950.73 894.25
  1. The full model was calculated with an ordered logit regression. The final model was calculated with a generalized ordered logit regression. P-values are given for each independent variable in the model