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Table 3 Accuracy statistics of the model swine populations: area under the receiver operating characteristics curve (AUC) and standard deviations (Sd)

From: Modeling livestock population structure: a geospatial database for Ontario swine farms

Models AUC (Sd.)
Model1 0.74 (0.004)
 Road network + population centers and residential zones + camp and recreational spots + government institutional land use + resources and industrial land use + great lakes + large inland waterbodies + small inland waterbodies
Model2 0.75 (0.004)
 Removeda small inland waterbodies from Model1
Model3 0.76 (0.004)
 Removed large inland waterbodies with 1 KM buffer from Model2 surface
Model4 0.76 (0.003)
 Included Crown Land - MNR Unpatented public land to Model3
Model5 0.89 (0.003)
 Removed great lakes with 1 KM buffer from Model4 surface
Model6 0.90 (0.003)
 Included agricultural ecumene to Model5
  1. aRemoved was defined as the section(s) of a surface unit intersecting with a predictor which was not included in the computation