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Table 3 Diversity, frequency, and molecular features of canine-derived Giardia duodenalis isolates at the beta-giardin locus. Castellón, Eastern Spain, 2014–2016. GenBank accession numbers are provided. Novel genotypes are shown underlined

From: Occurrence and molecular epidemiology of Giardia duodenalis infection in dog populations in eastern Spain

Assemblage Sub-assemblage No. isolates Dog status Reference sequence Stretch (pb) Single nucleotide polymorphism(s) GenBank accession number
A AII 1 Hunting AY072723 97–590 T187Y MF285578
1 Hunting AY072723 102–590 A227R, G434A MF285579
1 Hunting AY072723 98–590 G261A, G277A, T329A, T564C MF285580
1 Sheltered AY072723 106–587 T390Y MF285581
AIII 1 Shepherd AY072724 103–590 A125R, C414Y, T558Y MF285582
B 1 Breeding AY072727 104–590 G159A, C165T, C309T, C324T, C393T, T471C MF285583
C 1 Sheltered AY545646 11–500 G37A, C451T MF285584
D 1 Sheltered AY545647 105–590 No MF285585
1 Sheltered AY545647 105–590 G129A, A201G, C207A, A455R MF285586
1 Sheltered AY545647 105–590 A201G, C207Y MF285587
  1. R: A/G; Y: C/T